Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creating a Book Tour Information Page / Document

You got a publishing contract (yay!), and your book will be released soon. After the celebration, it's time to get back to work . . . on a marketing plan.

A book tour information page on your website will be invaluable for both reviewers and the press.

Author James R. Callen, a client of Hartline agent Terry Burns, wrote a blog post last October that detailed the basic elements for an online press kit. At the time, my debut novel was only a few months from publication so I found his list immensely helpful as a starting point.

Shortly before my release date, author Gina Conroy was seeking bloggers to promote her new novel Digging Up Death. She created a blog page for her blog tour participants and influencers.

I promoted Gina's book on my blog.

I also asked her if I could use her blog tour / influencers page as a template to create one of my own. She gracously agreed.

As I interacted with bloggers, I quickly learned that several preferred receiving the information in a Word document. Since I already had the info on my website's blog tour page, it was easy to create a document with those same elements.

Now when someone requests specific information for their blog, either a review of my book or an author interview, I can open my Word doc, save it with another name, and tailor it for that specific blogger by deleting the elements she doesn't need and adding the elements she does -- for example, her list of interview questions with my answers.

My Word document includes:
  • book cover image and back cover copy
  • headshot and bio
  • a link to my novel's first chapter
  • buy links
  • personal links to my Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • the novel's first page
This preparation has been a great help to me as I schedule book giveaways and guest posts on other bloggers' sites.

By creating a book tour information page for your website and a similar Word document, you'll have a great tool in your marketing plan and be better prepared for your book's release.

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Jean Wise said...

These are great tips, Johnnie. I tweeted and stumbled it!

Karen said...

Ohhh, Johnnie, great pointers. I hadn't thought about some of those. So help me remember, ok? seriously.....

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I need to print this post and keep it! Kregel did all this for me with I'm Outnumbered, but since I'm considering digitally publishing Pearl, I'll need to know this. Thanks, Johnnie!

Johnnie Alexander Donley said...

Thanks, ladies. I've found it really helpful to have everything in one place.