Sunday, February 2, 2014

Writing More - A 2014 Book Marketing Strategy

What are the trends and predictions for book marketing in 2014?

The Huffington Post recently ran a very interesting article by Penny Sansevieri with her forecast titled "Book Marketing Predictions for 2014."

The first one fascinated me and has been a topic of discussion between several Kindred Heart Writers:  
More is better.

Penny writes," For most of us the days of writing a book a year or a book every two years have long since passed. Readers want more content...When an author releases a second book within a short 6-9 month window they'll often see higher sales or prior books."

We call this creating a body of work.

What is our body of work? Yes, books, but also articles and speaking engagements. Could it be products that supplement a book, like an online course, a You-tube video, a workbook? Does blogging count? What about work for hire? Spending time creating a related Pinterest board could be fun.

I often thought of compiling a Writer's Portfolio. I would include any sole written books but also ones where I contributed. I could gather my favorite stories I wrote for the newspaper. Self published material would mingle with traditional published material. A collection of favorite blog posts would add a dimension. 

Maybe I would enclose a personal essay, poems or reflections on what I believe. Perhaps copies of pages from my journal, if appropriate. I may even put in unpublished scribbles and ideas, like the early drawings Michelangelo sketched that we now value as art.

Now I am not a painter, but I know some writers like to dabble in the other arts - that could be included.

Even if I am never a world famous author, collecting my work together in one place would be a literary legacy for my children.

Listing all these ideas made me realize how much I have already written. I am a writer! I do have a body of work and I bet many of you do too. Let's get those portfolios compiled this year and keep adding to them too.

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Always setting a goal for me. Ha good idea Jean